Program Overview

Writing Fellow Mission Statement

In collaboration with professors and students across the curriculum, we build better writers at BYU by listening to the concerns of those we serve, by responding as an honest audience, by teaching sound writing skills and strategies, and by learning how to become better writers ourselves.


  1. Writing Fellows provide a community of support for each other and for the students and faculty we serve.
  2. We value people over papers and writing as an essential part of a university education.
  3. Through offering individual attention and feedback, we empower students to become stronger writers in all disciplines.
  4. We respect each other and the professors and students we work with.
  5. We provide a comfortable, friendly atmosphere for learning

Program Description

The Fellows

Undergraduate students with an overall record of academic excellence and writing ability are recruited, carefully selected and trained to become peer tutors. Successful applicants must demonstrate the ability to mentor and support their peers in a constructive and positive manner. The rigorous training Writing Fellows receive in writing and tutoring pedagogy further supports the skills they bring to the program.

The Process

By filling out the Faculty Request Form, faculty in any department may request that Fellows be assigned to their class. Working with Writing Fellows may sometimes require faculty to make some minor adjustments to their class plan and syllabus. As students are assigned a Fellow for the semester,they have an opportunity to work with a peer on two substantive writing assignments before the paper is turned in for a grade. In that regard, the services the Fellows provide in the Fellowing process are different from that of the Writing Center, which works on a drop-in basis.

Some of the Courses Using Fellows for Winter 2018


Course Number

Course Title

Aaron Skabelund History 344 History of Japan
Brooks Britt Geology 100 Dinosaurs
Delys Snyder WS 222 Intro to Women’s Studies
Eric Wilson Biology 100 Principles of Biology
Evan Thacker Hlth 310 Chronic Disease
Jarica Watts English 292 British Literature
Kylie Turley English 268 Literature of the LDS
Marc Choate History 314 Nazism and Facism
Marlene Esplin IHUM 260 Latin American Humanities
Michael Kelly Russian 340 Russian Literature
Rachel Cope WS 332 Mormon Women’s History
Roger MacFarlane ClCv 241 Greek and Roman Mythology
Tara Carpenter Art Education 476 Student Teaching Seminar


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