Anonymous Student Testimonials

“My Writing Fellow helped me develop a real argument. She helped me argue logically and support my thesis.”

“The Writing Fellow broke down my paragraphs to show good and bad structure. He also outlined my paper and its direction to show where I strayed from my thesis.”

“I liked having an intelligent, good writer offer his points of view and criticism. Four eyes see better than two!”

“The Writing Fellows Program helped me become more confident in my writing.”

Faculty Testimonials

“The Writing Fellows were helpful in giving additional informed feedback to my students about their writing, in a more personal way than I could.”  —  David Dearden

“The students’ papers were much more readable, and my comments and corrections were actually reduced significantly. Students got better grades.”  —  John Livingstone

“The papers were much better and more enjoyable to read. The students’ theses/themes were much clearer and the overall structures of the papers were stronger. I am able to focus on the substantive arguments the students make, rather than be distracted by poor writing.”  —  Eric Hyer

Writing Fellow Testimonials

“Beyond the improvement in my own writing skills, I’m grateful to have been part of the Writing Fellows program because of the opportunities I’ve had to help so many students through each of their individual writing processes. As is our mantra, Writing Fellows really try to make better writers, not just better papers. It’s been incredibly satisfying to help a student go from possibly hating writing to being truly proud of what they’ve been able to show in their papers. Writing Fellows has also allowed me to meet fascinating students who work as fellows and respect the service and intellectual dialogue that are at the heart of the fellowing process.”  —  Annie Xie

“The Writing Fellows program offers a service I’ve seen nowhere else — a chance for two students to learn writing skills, one as a teacher, the other as the student. I enjoy the feeling of both serving and learning at a level where I can actually effect change. As a Writing Fellow, I may not know everything but at least I can progress and help others progress, as well.”  —  Brenda Williams

“I love working with the Writing Fellows Program. I feel so much more involved with the university experience and also as though I am making a contribution. It is a unique experience to improve your own writing skills by working with other students and teaching them on a one-on-one basis. One of the biggest benefits I have seen is that many students look up to their Fellow as a mentor and a friend. Being a Writing Fellow is much more than a job — it is a frame of mind.”  —  Kathryn Fleming

“Writing Fellows was one of the best things I did at BYU. Not only is being a Writing Fellow like being part of one of the coolest clubs on campus, it is also the most fulfilling job I’ve ever had. There are few things I enjoy more than helping someone reach that “aha!” moment in their writing (though reaching that moment myself is a close second). Through writing fellows, I have gained writing skills, teaching skills, and friendships that will last a lifetime.” — Lauren Fine

“I loved my time as a writing fellow because it gave me opportunities to mentor and help others while simultaneously sharpening my own creative and evaluative skills. I highly recommend getting involved!” — Michael Ricks


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