Statement of Expectations for Faculty and Writing Fellows

Writing Fellows is a collaborative program.  Everyone involved needs to cooperate for the program to work. If we all follow these tried and true ground rules, faculty and Writing Fellows will feel confident, and student writing ability will improve.


  1. Prepare 2 substantive writing assignments. These assignments will achieve the following:
    • Relate meaningfully to the course content
    • Count significantly in the course grade
    • Be submitted to the WFs at least two weeks before the final due date
  2. Participation in the WF Program will be required for all students.
    • Check that all drafts are submitted on time
    • Require the WF comments to be submitted with the final draft
    • Receive a report on tutorial attendance from the WF
  3. Prepare thorough written assignment instructions and grading criteria for each assignment.
  4. Send a copy of the syllabus, the two assignments, and the grading rubrics to the Fellows when solicited.
  5. Meet with assigned WFs to clarify assignment and expectations. Meet at least two times, once before each assignment is submitted.
  6. Avoid scheduling an assignment to be fellowed within the first four (4) weeks of the semester to give new Fellows the first month to prepare.
  7. Inform your Senior Fellow of any change in paper due dates at least two weeks in advance.
  8. Contact the WF Coordinators for any questions or concerns about the program or the WFs’ work.

Writing Fellows

  1. We will learn about writing in your discipline and in your particular class by doing the following:
    • Meeting with you at least twice, before and after the first fellowing
    • Studying the written assignment guides and grading rubrics
  2. We will attend class to introduce ourselves and the program, and we will plan appropriate prewriting teaching activities if appropriate.
  3. For each of two writing assignments we will carefully read the draft, write a thoughtful one-page response letter, and conduct a 30-minute follow-up conference.
  4. We will pick up and return papers as arranged, in a timely manner.
  5. If students miss a conference, we will call students at least once to reschedule.
  6. We will present a workshop on a particular writing skill, as desired.  This can be done in class or in a mandatory out-of-class workshop.
  7. We will give you feedback on course writing assignments, as desired.
  8. We will conduct end-of-semester student evaluations of the program and send a summary of the evaluations to you.

Writing Fellow Coordinators

  1. We will meet with you to explain the program before the semester begins.
  2. We will serve as consultants, to help you with questions about teaching, assigning, and evaluating writing.
  3. We will train the Writing Fellows so they are careful and competent writing tutors.
  4. We will supervise the program to help things run smoothly, and address any concerns that may arise.

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