The Writing Fellows are looking for writers from all majors, disciplines, persuasions, backgrounds, and interests. If you’re interested in tutoring writing for specific classes, from Russian Literature to Dinosaurs, to the history of Nazism to Chronic Disease, we’d love to see your application.  Information regarding Fall 2020 applications are to be announced in the near future.

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*Note: The Writing Fellows are overseen by the University Writing Program, which also oversees the Writing Center. Because of this relationship, the Writing Center and the Writing Fellows are now using the same application form. Students may submit one application to either or both programs through either program website. (When submitting your application, you’ll indicate whether you want to be considered for a position in the Writing Center, the Writing Fellows, or in both programs.)

Requirements and Notes

English 310: Writing and Tutoring is required for all first-semester Writing Fellows. It is a three-credit course taught Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:05pm–1:20pm. This course fulfills the university’s Advanced Writing requirement.

Two+ Semester Commitment: To keep turnover to a minimum, we ask for a two+ semester commitment.  These semesters do not, however, need to be concurrent (i.e. sometimes fellows serve missions after their first semester).

Flexible Schedule: Writing Fellows typically work sixty hours each semester, the bulk of those hours coming between weeks 4 and 14.  Most of your work–responding to papers and running tutoring consultations–is done on your schedule.  Note: You may be a Writing Fellow and work at another campus job. However, your combined hours may never exceed 20 hours per week, except during 4 weeks of high-volume tutoring in which Writing Fellows are permitted 25 combined hours. Flexibility in a second on-campus job is fairly essential.

Starting Pay: New fellows receive $9.75/hr the first semester, with increases possible each subsequent semester.

Two Semesters of College Experience: We have made exceptions from time to time, but we usually prefer hiring students with two+ semesters of collegiate coursework since high school graduation.  We do not have a minimum GPA requirement.

Student status for Fall 2020: To work with the Fellows in Fall 2020, you need to take at least 6 BYU credits.

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