Writing Fellows Contract

Duties to the Program

1. For new fellows, register for and successfully complete the training class, English 310, Writing and Tutoring. Continue in the program at least two (not necessarily consecutive) semesters.

2. Attend all required training meetings: beginning-of-semester general staff meeting, retreat, closing social, and at least three training workshops.

3. You may also contribute to the program by completing various projects, such as giving a workshop presentation, working on the media crew, or helping out with recruiting. This project should take approximately 2–3 hours.

4. Observe another fellow’s conference once during the semester, and then fill out and turn in observation form.
5. Maintain a current tutoring portfolio.

Duties to your Fellowing Class

1. Work with 8-12 students individually, as assigned, to teach writing skills. When requested by the professor, hold pre-writing conferences (initial consultations). Read drafts of at least two papers; write marginal comments and a response letter for each. Hold individual consultations with each student on each paper, lasting 20–30 minutes each. Teach writing strategies that will not only improve this paper but also the student’s future writing.

2. Keep all scheduled conference appointments punctually. If an emergency arises and you must miss a conference, contact your students as soon as possible to reschedule.

3. Meet with the professor of your assigned class at least twice: once before reading the first assignment and once before reading the second assignment (or more often as needed). Have the professor clarify the expectations for the assignment so that you can guide the students appropriately. Be sure you understand the professor’s criteria for grading.

4. Serve as a resource to the professor as requested. You may be asked to review assignment descriptions, or to advise on grading rubrics. You may give one or more classroom presentations on writing principles.

Duties to the Employer

1. Inform directors of any difficulties or problems in the fellowing process as they arise.

2. Agree to be evaluated each semester by self, faculty, students, and program directors.

3. Meet twice as a fellowing group with the program directors and also with the professor before and after the first assignment.

4. Check your email and read Writing Fellows correspondence at least every other day.

5. Dress and behave in a professional manner and in accordance with the BYU Honor Code.

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