Interview Tips

After we read through each application, our Writing Fellows staff will invite some of the applicants to sign up for an interview. Since interpersonal skills are so important to successful tutoring, we interview each applicant for about 25 minutes. The following tips will help you demonstrate your strong qualifications to the two interviewers.

Dress to impress

  • Although your attire won’t be the interviewers’ primary consideration, it affects how you are perceived. Be well-groomed and professionally dressed.

Remain Professional

  • Your interviewers may be students, but act professionally as you would in any formal job interview.

Prepare to talk about your writing process     

  • Your interviewers will ask you about how you approach a writing task, your strengths and weaknesses as a writer, etc.

Be a kind yet challenging tutor

  • We will ask you to participate in a mock tutoring session that we will explain in our interview. We look for tutors who can initially set a student at ease and then, in a skillful and friendly way, turn the focus of the tutoring session to the paper.

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