The Writing Fellows Process

  1. A professor (from any discipline) applies to have Writing Fellows assigned to his or her class.
  2. The coordinators meet with the professor to discuss the course, assignments and how Writing Fellows could best help the students and the professor with their writing goals.
  3. Writing Fellows are assigned to the class.
  4. Students write a carefully prepared draft of the paper and submit it to the Fellows two weeks before the final draft is due to the professor.
  5. Fellows take one week to read each draft thoroughly, comment on it and write a response letter pointing out strengths and areas for revision.
  6. Students revise their drafts after considering the Fellows’ comments, and then come to an individual tutorial to discuss strategies for further revision. In the tutorial, Fellows help students improve the paper by teaching skills and strategies that can be used on future writing assignments.
  7. Students revise again and submit the paper to be graded.
  8. Writing Fellows meet with the professor to review the first Fellowing and make a plan for the second Fellowing.
  9. Steps 4-8 are repeated for a second assignment.
  10. Faculty and students write evaluations of their experiences with the Writing Fellows.